Dear GOOSE Family,


Can you believe it’s been 20 incredible years since our debut single Audience first echoed through the airwaves? It feels like only yesterday, yet here we are, two decades of music, memories, and electrifying live shows later.


You’ve been more than fans; you’ve been our driving force, our crowd, our audience. Your energy has fueled us through every chord and chorus, pushing us to explore and evolve, from our rehearsal room above the bar in Kortrijk to the grand stages across the globe. 


After Audience we got to release our debut album, Bring It On, which was a spark that ignited a journey beyond our wildest dreams. Our travels have taken us from intimate clubs to vast crowds and everything in between in Europe, China, Japan, over North and South America to Australia. Together, we’ve crafted a discography that resonates with the beat of our shared experiences, from the anthemic rush of Synrise to the pulsing rhythms of British Mode, Call Me, and Words. Each note a chapter in our collective story, earning us accolades and a revered spot in the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

The journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. 


But, dear friends, the essence of GOOSE is the connection we share with you, our extended family, whose passion and energy make every performance unforgettable. Now, it’s time to celebrate this incredible milestone together! We are thrilled to announce our 20-year celebration campaign, kicking off with a spectacular live show at the Lotto Arena on November 16th, 2024. This won’t be just any show; it will be a journey through time, reliving the hits that defined our shared history and preparing us for new tunes that hint at the exciting future ahead.


This celebration also includes an album release. On 4 October we’ll be releasing “G20SE”, a best of album that consists of 20 songs that have defined GOOSE's career so far plus 2 unreleased bonus tracks from the vault.


We want this celebration to be a heartfelt tribute to the journey we’ve shared, a testament to the power of music and the unbreakable bond between us. Your enthusiasm, love, and support have been the true heartbeat of GOOSE. So, here’s to 20 years of music, memories, and magic. Here’s to you, our beloved fans. Let’s make this celebration a momentous chapter in our ongoing adventure, filled with the music that binds us together.


With all our love and gratitude,

Mickael, Tom, Dave, Bert

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